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The below terms govern your use of the website https://thedigitalgate.gr/ (“the Site”):

The Site is owned by the Athens University of Economics and Business (Athens Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation – ACEin) which is based in Athens, Kefallinias 46 (“The owner”). The Site was created to offer information and services to visitors. Its use is governed by present terms and conditions which visitors are encouraged to diligently read-through and adhere to. In any case, by browsing in this Site, as well as using any information that it provides, the visitor unreservedly agrees to the present terms and conditions.  

Webpages contained within the Site are addressed exclusively to adults. If any minors visit the Site on their own and/or make use of any provided services which could be considered harmful or inappropriate for minors, the Owner and the Site’s administrators bear no responsibility.

The present terms may change in the future without prior warning. Please, refer to this page regularly in order to stay informed of current, new, and added information.

The Site is used “as is”, without allowing uncertified users to make edits or otherwise interfere.

The Site can possibly redirect visitors through links, hyperlinks, or advertising banners to other websites, whose owners have full civil and criminal responsibility for the safety, lawfulness, and validity of the content of their webpages and services, exempting the Owner from any and all responsibility. Such responsibilities include but are not limited to intellectual property rights or any other third party rights. Consequently, visitors are obliged to adhere to the terms of use of said websites and contact their owners for any issues regarding these websites’ use and/or browsing.

With the exception of specific third-party rights (e.g. intellectual property rights and other) the entire content hosted now or in the future in this Site (including but not limited to any trademarks, distinctive signs, photographs and texts as well as any kind of files) is the exclusive intellectual property of the Owner or/and the Owner’s partners and is protected under the provisions of the applicable law. The aforementioned content, as a whole or parts of it, shall not be subject to reproduction, copying, alteration, transmission, distribution or dissemination of any kind or trade by any user.

The visitor declares and guarantees that he/she is the author of the content that he/she provides to the Site and therefore is entitled to provide it to the Site (i.e. business idea, photos, video).

Please note that the owner may decide freely whether or not to use the submitted material and that the owner may have already produced or acquired similar material from other sources, in which case all intellectual property rights on such material belong to the owner and its licensees.

Visitors accept, agree, and declare that they will use the Site lawfully and as is intended by its creators. As such, visitors agree that they shall not use the Site indicatively for:

Harming a minor.

Accessing or transmitting content that:

i. violates any intellectual property right or other third-party rights,

ii. insults others’ personality (e.g. through defamatory or racist content),

iii. does not adhere to the law or is contrary to business usages and/or the accepted principles of morality,

iv. in any way violates the privacy and/or personal and social rights of third parties.

Misleading anyone as to the origin of the Site’s content, defaming, in any way, the Owner or others, endangering the network’s security, obstructing any visitor from accessing the Site and/or any of its services or circumventing any identity control.

Installing and otherwise disseminating any kind of automated or unauthorized advertisement or any kind of unsolicited by the recipient electronic messages (spam), pyramid systems or any other kind of undesired dissemination of content, as well as installing and disseminating advertisements, without the written authorization of the Owner.

Installing, promoting, and/or giving access to content that contains viruses, malware, or any other files, code, or software designed to intercept, destroy or restrict the operation of any software or telecommunication equipment or prevent other visitors from using this Site.

In any way putting at risk the Site’s integrity.

In the case of use of this Site that is unlawful or not in accordance to the present terms, visitors are obliged to compensate the Owner for any direct or indirect damage caused. The non-exercise by the beneficiaries of all or any of the rights laid down in these terms does not imply their waiver from their rights.

Please, keep in mind that the Owner retains every right to remove from the Site any content, at any point in time, at their discretion if it is thought to violate these terms.

The Owner makes every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the material contained on the Site and to avoid accessibility problems but is not responsible and will not held liable for inaccurate information, access problems, shutdowns or other events that may cause you direct (e.g. computer damage) or indirect (loss of profits) damage. Accessing and browsing the Site and/or using the content of this Site is at your own risk.

To access certain services or connect to certain websites, owner may ask visitors to provide information for the purpose of providing relevant access code (s). The above mentioned information must always be true, accurate, valid and complete.

Visitors are responsible for all actions performed with the access code and are required to promptly notify the owner of any unauthorized use and of any (even potential) security breach. This information is not disclosed to third parties by the owner. The owner is not responsible for any damage that may result from the unauthorized or unlawful use of the access code by third parties due to leakage or for any other reason and reserves the right to request payment of compensation by the visitor in case the owner suffers any kind of damage from unauthorized or illegal use of the access code. The owner is entitled at any time to refuse to grant an access code or to cancel a granted access code or to terminate the provision of such services to the visitor and to refuse any current or future use of this site in case of violation of the terms of use.

Our website https://thedigitalgate.gr/ is based on Word Press and follows regarding cookies the specifications of Word Press on essential cookies, without which it would not be possible for the website to be functional.

In particular, first-party, session cookies that our website uses, are temporarily stored in your computer’s memory, they do not gain access to any document or file from your computer, are only used to facilitate your access to the website and ensure seamless and uninterrupted operation of the website. These cookies collect only data related to your interaction with the website and are deleted as soon as you turn off your browser.

The cookies related to language choices for the use of the website are functional and allow the website to remember your language of choice during browsing the website. Unless you delete them yourselves, they will be deleted automatically after a year.

If you use the contact form a hph id cookie will be created to enhance the usage of the service. This cookie retains the data you have submitted in the contact form (name, contact details and title of the message). Please note that these data is stored in your browser.

The website does not use cookies for any other statistical or advertising reason, and it does not collect any other kind of data through them. You may at any point delete your cookies. In your next visit in our website new ones will be created, to the extent necessary for the functionality of the website.

Protection of Personal Data: Our Privacy Notice is applicable to any personal data or material that is shared on this Site, including the cookies data, combined also with the Terms of Participation in the Program. These Terms and Conditions of Use and any amendments thereto are governed by Greek law. For any dispute that may arise from these terms, the courts of Athens shall be competent.

Contact us: The owner of the Site is the Athens University of Economics and Business (Center for Support of Entrepreneurship and Innovation), Kefallinias 46, Athens. If you have any questions or comments regarding the Site, please do not hesitate to contact us (i) by email at acein@aueb.gr (ii) by phone at 210 8203827 or (iii) by post to 46, Kefallinias, Athens.

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