The website uses cookies to facilitate the users and enhance the functionality of the website. Whereas the cookies we use are only intended for the seamless operation of the website and are not used for any tracing or marketing purposes, we invite you to invest some time to learn more about it, in order to feel totally secure and safe while browsing our website. 

The cookies in general

The cookies are small pieces of code produced by the webpages and saved in your Internet browser. The purpose of cookies is to collect and retain user – specific information, similarly to a preferences’ file created by a software application, allowing websites to function flawlessly without technical issues.

User’s variety of choices may be collected through cookies. Cookies allow websites to recognize the regular users, making access easier for users, while they may also collect data to allow the website to enhance its content.

From a functionality point of view, cookies allow websites to retain data and information regarding the interaction of each user with the website, so as the websites will not consider them each time as new users, remembering their preferences to make the access to the website easier and faster.

In general, cookies can be divided to:

Essential cookies, allowing the execution of basic website functions, without which the seamless functionality of the website is directly compromised, limiting the browsing experience of the user,

Functionality cookies, which remember the preferences of the users during the browsing period,

Performance cookies, which collect data regarding the way users use a website, without collecting information that may identify a visitor, mainly to enhance the way a website function,

Analytics cookies, a subset of the functionality cookies, that allow the assessment of the performance of different functions of a website.

Moreover, cookies may be also divided to session cookies and persistent cookies, first- party cookies and third-party cookies.

Session cookies are temporary cookie files, which are deleted when the users close their browser. When the user restarts the browser, the website no longer recognizes the user and creates a new session cookie that stores browsing data and remains active until the user leaves the website and/or closes the browser.

The persistent cookies remain in one of the subfolders of the browser, until they are non-automatically deleted or until the browser deletes them, based on the term of the persistent cookie file.

The first party cookies are originated or sent by the website the user is currently visiting and usually are used for the storage of information, such as the preferences of the user while visiting this particular website.

The third-party cookies are originated or sent by a website different from the one the user is currently visiting, for advertising or other marketing purposes.

You can read more about cookies here

The cookies on our Website

Our website is based on Word Press and follows regarding cookies the requirements of Word Press regarding the essential cookies, without which it would not be possible for the website to be functional.

In particular, first-party and session cookies that our website uses, are temporarily stored in your computer’s memory, they do not gain access to any document or file from your computer, are only used to facilitate your access to the website and ensure seamless and uninterrupted operation of the website. These cookies collect only data related to your interaction with the website and are deleted as soon as you turn off your browser.The cookies related to language choices for the use of the website are functional and allow the website to remember your language of choice during browsing the website. Unless you delete them yourselves, they will be automatically deleted after a year.  

If you use the contact form, a hph id cookie will be created to enhance the usage of the service. This cookie retains the data you have submitted in the contact form (name, contact details and title of the message). Please note that these data is stored in your browser.

The website does not use cookies for any other statistical or advertising purpose, and it does not collect any other kind of data through them. You may at any point delete your cookies. In your next visit in our website new ones will be created, to the extent necessary for the functionality of the website.

The same high security and protection measures as set out in our privacy notice apply also for the data collected from the essential and functionality cookies used by our website.


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