How it Works

Phase 1: Submit your application and become part of a new entrepreneurial team

Describe your vision, your personal goals and your skills (hard and soft)



During this phase, you can apply for the program! Are you an undergraduate student, a researcher, a scientist, an entrepreneur etc? Then, this program is for you!

You will become a member of a newly established entrepreneurial team and participate in an intense educational bootcamp. Your goal is to spot a specific problem through the given challenges and work with your team on a viable solution. One on one coaching sessions will be provided to the teams in order to design a solid product or service. Every team will be enhanced with a member that is an AIA employee, who will actively participate and provide the team with valuable knowledge and experience.




Phase 2: Shape your idea

Design your suggested solution and get support by industry experts to improve your entrepreneurial idea for a better fit to the Airport needs.




This phase contains feedback, mentoring sessions and educational workshops conducted by the program organizational team as well as external industry partners. At the end of the acceleration process of this phase, your team will participate in a pitching event, where you will present your solution to the judging committee. The judges will select the finalists to proceed to Phase 3. 


Phase 3: Implement and test your idea under real conditions

Validate your value proposition and get a grant for the implementation of your MVP.




Design the implementation plan of your idea and receive a grant for building and testing your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that should be tested around 4 months. Then, you will participate in a pitching event, presenting the results and impact of your implementation.



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