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Many aspects of the travel experience can be made smarter, easier, and more digital. The 14 teams worked a pilot during the two rounds of DG.

Clio Muse enables accredited professionals to develop impactful self-guided audio tours, following our awarded storytelling concept, which are later distributed to the global tourism industry, through online travel agencies.
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Tekmon offers a mobile first software solution for work order management, process digitisation and mass notification with a powerful topic based messaging feature at its core.
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Recytrust rewards airport staff for recycling products through their innovative smart bins that enable sorting, boost employees engagement and provide real time data about the status of the bins and the overall recycling performance in any office facility
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Bespot develops a 360o IoT marketing solution that includes a mobile application for consumers to discover items, get rewarded and be surprised by brands and retailers.
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liateR uses advanced gesture control and augmented reality technologies in order to create an environment where consumers can digitally try on and buy clothing in a variety of contexts and locations.
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Butlair is an Instant Message Concierge Service powered by real people.
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Ex Machina focuses on weather analytics and forecasting for the energy sector. It provides better weather insights to the customers equipping them with the information they need to achieve their goals.
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Blinblon gives users the ability to play interactive games with their friends without the need for special equipment or application. Users connect their mobile phones to a central screen and interact with each other.
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MyLayover targets transit passengers with an average stay of more than 6 hours, and gives them the opportunity to know Athens through exciting experiences.

HUBA (Human Behavior Analysis System), of the Institute of Computer Technologies (EKETA), achieves a discreet analysis of motion and human activity through sensors and depth cameras

Airport Assistant is a mobile device application, which will create a digital guide for visually impaired people and people with disabilities in general. This program will serve the disabled people entering the airport area.
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Wander is an Augmented Reality application that helps Athens International Airport visitors navigate around the airport, easily find information in their language from the signs in the area and have fun.

Escape Airport is a Beta mode augmented reality game specially designed for Athens International Airport. The player walks around the airport, trying to solve the mysteries that appear to him through his cell phone or tablet.
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Our goal is fueling customer’s imagination with exciting ideas for future journeys.


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